November 11, 2021

10:00 AM

JAC Main Event Center

Empowering Lives Through Entrepreneurship

Keynote Speaker

Marcus Bullock

Founder & CEO: Flikshop Inc.

   When Marcus was 15 years old, he was arrested for carjacking a man in a shopping mall parking lot and sentenced to eight years in adult, maximum security prison. By the time he had served the first two years, he became depressed and was in a very dark place. At that time, his mom made him a promise in the prison visiting room:

“Marcus, I’m going to write you a letter or send you a picture every day for the remaining six years of your sentence,” his mother told him.

   “Those letters saved my life!” claims Marcus. “I was able to see the world through my mother’s lens, and it gave me a clear vision of what my life would look like after prison.”

   Today, Marcus’s business, Flikshop, works hard to keep every person in every cell connected to family members and other community resources, prior to their release, just as Marcus’s mom did while he was in prison.